The Founder's Story

Liz Kitua is the CEO and Creative Director of Kidosho, and The Kidosho Foundation. Kidosho was born of Liz’s desire to change the narrative of the Kenyan fashion industry, in a way that was significant and sustainable. Having worked in the aviation industry, she made the decision to switch over to her second passion – clothing and design; from the skies, to the catwalk, so to speak.

Kidosho is a fashion label that caters to the elegant and modern woman with a predilection for African print and its deeply personal, rich heritage. The story behind Kidosho itself is deeply personal as well. When Liz left a career in the male-dominated field of aviation, she had no idea that she would end up being at the helm of a global enterprise with a vision that started with her wanting to simply contribute more of her time to a little more freedom, and a little more style.

Liz’s passion for Kenyan fashion translated into living colour is what makes the whole process worth it. Professionally, Kidosho runs like a tight ship led by an efficient – no pun intended – captain. Personally, Liz runs on the drive that cares about the clients, and the team around her. Either way, everything runs straight from the heart.

Kidosho's Tale

Kidosho is the Swahili word for ‘beautiful woman,’ and the label is just as home-grown as its heritage. The label designs and produces clothing for people who love a touch of Africa in their aesthetic. Kidosho was established in 2009 by entrepreneur and former pilot Liz Kitua, first as an enjoyable hobby and a way to leave formal employment, and then as an expression of passion for fashion and sustainability.

This sustainability is apparent in two ways: first, in the quality of the material sourced, the artisans behind it and of course, the mind of the designer creating the magic. Kidosho always aspires to have products that compete on a global level, with Kenya as their first runway. Secondly, everyone who works at Kidosho is gradually empowered to be able to grow their skills while there, and start their own businesses.

This desire for empowerment for all women, particularly single mothers, is what led to the formation of the Kidosho Foundation. The foundation exists to ensure that anyone who walks with Liz through her own journey can continue theirs, afterwards.

These women create a family who are beautiful themselves for their strength and purpose. They, in turn, stitch clothes for women just like them. And that is where the true soul of Kidosho lies: by women, and for everyone. Just like family.